Onycomycosis, Tendonitis, Arthritis
 Natural treatment

Other uses of Kerosport


The Kerosport cream is sold in glass packaging in quantities of 25, 30 and 40 grams.

Other uses of Kerosport
  • deflates the body area that has had a knock
  • reduces hematomas
  • reduces legs, soil and plant swellings, softens calluses
  • unlocks the neuro Sciatic on synergy with another cream c- physsis
  • Improves the skin condition psoriasis from Eczema and in synergy with other cream of c-physsis
Keroknism (XF)

Wax cream against psoriasis of the head scalp with amazing results (eliminates dandruff itching and discomfort in a short time)

Supergen (GEN)

We are proud of this product, it is a great analgesic cream against low back and knee pains. Also against sprains and cold. Also relaxes, after standing, tired legs.

Cream Kerost

Natural analgesic cream for osteoarthritis and other forms of arthritis almost eliminates pain at time 5 minutes, the effect lasts from hours to days depending on the condition of the patient.

Cream Floriniotissa (FLOR)

We are also proud of this product. It is a wonderful herbal cream with lavender, rose, orange and pomegranate for face and hands. Moisturizing and against wrinkles. Apply at most two or three times a week and only at night.

Cream Keroacme (ACM)

Amazing cream for severe or mild acme.
40ml, 25 EURO


Hemorrhoids cream
40ml, 25 EURO

Shampoo Unimep XF

Shampoo against hair loss
200ml, 15 EURO


Cream for varicose vains treatment
40ml, 20 EURO


Cream for fibromyalgia treatment
40ml, 18 EURO


Cream for cellulite treatment
40ml, 15 EURO

Crema Unimep XF

Cream for alopecia treatment
40ml, 40 EURO


Creams for psoriasis and eczema treatment
30ml x2, 18 x 2 = 36 EURO


Cream for blotchy skin treatment
40ml, 15 EURO


Liquid for disinfecting footwear and gloves from fungi
100ml, 15 EURO

Anti-Stress Oil

Oil for relaxation and against stress
50ml, 15 EURO


Oil for lip hydration
10ml, 10 EURO

We propose the application of KEROSPORT as an alternative treatment, that cannot not replace any medication advice given to you by your doctor. Before using the KEROSPORT cream you have to test it for any allergic reactions, by applicating a small quantity of the cream in one apparent point of your hand. In case of an allergic reaction, stop immediately the use of the cream.