Onycomycosis, Tendonitis, Arthritis
 Natural treatment


Fighters of Kozani

We are so pleased by the results, three athletes with chronic problems on the shoulder got healed with only one week of treatment.

Ria T.

At the begging I was trying the typical creams from the pharmacy for the tenonditis of the shoulder and I didn't see any result, with KEROSPORT cream after 2-3 days I saw a big difference!! Thank you very much!! I already recomende it to my friends! I feel so thankful!

Tom Thomas

Dear friend thank you very much for he wax-creams KEROSPORT and SUPERGEN that you gave me for my hip (blocked sciatic nerve) I had a big problem for years, first of all I was hurting very much I couldn't even put my shocks or go upstairs and fortunately I used them, thank you very much, you healed my muscels in few days!

Kwstas Chamalidis European champion of taekwondo wtf

The wax cream of herbs KEROSPORT that you sent me was very very good, it relieves the pain and heals it, it helped me very much with the injuries I had on the becips of the leg and the instep, I believe that is ideal for athletes. Also another good cream of yours is the SUPERGEN for the pain of the muscle and the stiff.

Panagiotis T.

With the help of the cream I healed from a chronic problem of tenonditis. Thank you very much!

Lamprou K.

I used the crem for six days, it was a big relieve for the pain of the shoulders, with a littl bit of rest the results would be even more impressive.

P. Panagos

We saw very good results with the cream of the tenonditis KEROSPORT and for the athritis, we used them on chronic tenonditis or acute pain, and in patients with chronic arthitis, and we immidiately felt reliefe and it helped us with our treatment we pt them on cervical syndrome, lumbago, epicondylitis.

Manolo Voz

After seven days of treatment for the tenonditis the result was impressive thank you very much.


My daughter had a strong pain at her back and couldn't move. After only an application of cream test she could start to move again and the pain was already less than before. Thank you very much!

Wing Chun Kung Fu Thermi Thessaloniki-Golden Dragons Family

I wanted to thank you for sending the cream KEROSPORT at the school wing chun kung fu golden dragons in Thermi already two of our athletes that had chronic problems on the shoulder and the hands feel much better.

T. Manis

AWESOME CREAM IN ONLY 24 HOURS I FELT ALMOST FULL RELIEF FROM PAIN THAT TORTURES MY SHOULDER AFTER OF TWO SURGURIES AND AFTER TRYING THE TYPICAL CREAMS WITH NO RESULT. After the second surgury the problems never went away and because I do martial arts there are appearing constantly inflammation and tendinitis. First day I felt relief from the pain, second day goodbye inflammation that tortures me for 1.5 month. It also made the tenonditis go away from my knee and my ankle.

G. Lazos

Today after 2-3 months and after I tried everything, pills, physiotherapy, with only five times I put KEROSPORT I'm good I move my hand with no pain! Thank you so much!!!!!


At the beginning I didn't believe in the effectiveness of the cream for tenonditi and arthritis but when I used them I really saw that hey were miraculous they have incredible results and the pain disappears !!!!!!

Dimitrios Poylidis

Because of my job, I am an insulator and I use bituminus membranes, I've got tenonditis on my shoulder and the elbow but after I put for ten days the cream Kerosport T I don't feel any pain. I also want to infrorm you about my assistant hat he had onychomychosis it has been disappeared for three months now after using the cream kerosport M Thank you!


Dear friend I wanted to infrorm you that the problem of the onychomychosis on the big finger of a student of mine it was fully healed because by using the cream kerosport M

Makis Koukoutsakis

I wanted to inform you that with the cream kerosport R that I sed behind the knee because my leg didn't close,it wasn't going back after the accident I had with the motorbike in five day I close the knee very comfortable without any pain and I move my leg normally

Fotis Mavridis

By using for two months the cream kerosport M for onychomychosis, my nail is completely healed it's fantastic!!!

Rula Chrisovergi

I use for 15 days now the cream KEROSPORT M and I already see a big difference on my nails Thank you.

Mimis Tigris

With the cream kerosport T for tenonditis I solved the problem I had on the elbow for a long time. It's incredible only with seven times of using.

Takis Komnos (ex professional football player of Iraklis )

I wanted to infrorm you that the problem I had on the foot for eight months now and because of it I couldn't even walk right and I was hurting a lot, now is done thanks to Kerosport R with only 15 times of using it. It's incredible thank you !!!!


Your creams for tenonditis kerosport T and kerosport M for the onychomychosis are fanastic! I used them and I am very satisfied by the results!