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The KEROSPORT T cream is sold in glass packaging in quantities of 25, 30 and 40 grams.
The quantity of the 25 grams of the cream Kerosport T is enough to heal both of the shoulders



Instruction for use: Apply the cream on the suffering area, or on the shoulder and arm with up to the height of the elbow, every evening for seven days.

Results of the use of cream KEROSPORT T: After the first three days of the use of the cream, there is a reduction of almost 80% pain. There are cases of complete healing of tendonitis in a percentage over 70%. The KEROSPORT T cream works perfectly in cases of chronic tendinitis as well as in that of tendinitis in football state. In these cases there is also a large percentage of complete healing. If you need to extend the use beyond seven days we can do it for another seven days, although according to the results so far, the first seven days are enough for the healing of tendonitis.


The use of the cream KEROSPORT T gets as a result the opening of the latch arm with (frozen arm with) after surgery and makes it work and get to normal height, as before.


The KEROSPORT T cream has excellent results to tendonitis (lateral epicondylitis) elbow.

Instruction for use: Apply the cream on the outside and inside of the elbow for seven days.


The KEROSPORT T cream can function effectively also in this case, although our experience shows that in the most serious cases together with the KEROSPORT T, it will be necessary to use a second cream for at least a month. In less severe cases, it is sufficient to use KEROSPORT T for fifteen days.

Instruction for use: Apply to the suffering zone, or on the wrist and the palm


Instruction for use: Apply on the ailing area for seven days. Furthermore, it requires the foot rest. For all other cases of tendonitis it is recommended to use the cream for at least seven days.


The KEROSPORT T cream reduces the pain of the fingers because of rheumatoid arthritis, lubricates and deflates the joints, and eliminates the redness of joints. It copes well inflammation in specific points of the fingers and makes them work again.

Instruction for use: Apply the cream on the ailing area for seven days. If the pain returns, repeat the application of the cream for another seven days.

Tendonitis of the shoulder, tendinitis of the wrist, knee tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis Achilles heel, and all cases of tendonitis, fingers with rheumatoid arthritis, problems in the sole of the foot, pain in the back, legs, neck pain and overall pain of the musculoskeletal system

Instruction for use: Apply the cream on the suffering area, or on the shoulder and arm with up to the height of the elbow, every evening for seven days.

We propose the application of KEROSPORT T as an alternative treatment, that cannot not replace any medication advice given to you by your doctor. Before using the KEROSPORT T cream you have to test it for any allergic reactions, by applicating a small quantity of the cream in one apparent point of your hand. In case of an allergic reaction, stop immediately the use of the cream.

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Stefano Pizzol:

Con una spalla operata diversi anni fa mi era rimasto un dolore quasi continuo . Ho usato per un mese questa crema mi e passato del 80 per cento e a tratti non sento piu dolore completamente, ora ne ho presa altra e continuero a usarla . Veramente un ottimo risultato. Piu avanti mettero un altra recensione per aggiornare il risultato. La consiglio provatela.

Enrica Kikka Santoni Rothfu?:

La crema l'ha usata mia madre per la cervicale e la tendinite della spalla ed e guarita. L' ho usata pure io per la mia epicondilite (tendinite del gomito ) e dopo 15 giorni non c'era piu nessuna tendinite. E' tutto ok e vi ringrazio.

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