MonoGRAF. Draughting program

Introduction in MonoGRAF

MonoGRAF is a powerful draughting application for your Windows computer. Your graphics display becomes an electronic drawing-board, immediately reflecting any changes you make. Computer-aided draughting systems are relatively simple, yet useful tools, speeding up and facilitating the creation and maintenance of drawings.

MonoGRAF enables users to create two-dimensional computer models of real objects in an interactive mode. The models may become a basis for further processing including visualization of models on the graphical display, performance of specific applied calculations and analyses, drawing of models on paper, using models as input data for other application systems, storage of models for further usage, etc.


MonoGRAF is applicable to mechanical engineering, civil engineering, architectural drawings, work flowcharts, organizational diagrams, etc. The system can be used in any area, where the creation of two-dimensional graphical models of real objects is required.


MonoGRAF is a general-purpose system for designers, civil engineers, architects, draughtsmen, etc. engaged in drawing. MonoGRAF is a menu-driven interactive system. The dialogue between the user and the system is carried out in the designer's or draughtsman's terminology. Work with MonoGRAF does not require special knowledge of computers. Users will be able to operate with it after completing a short tutorial.

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