MonoGRAF. Draughting program

MonoGRAF. Creation and dimensioning of drawings

All functions for creating graphical elements are grouped in "draw" submenu. Each function on the elements submenu enables the user to draw specific graphical elements. For certain graphical elements (circle, circular arc) there are several drawing procedures, reflected in the additional submenu. For example, a circle may be drawn by a specified centre and radius, as well as by 3 specified points of the circle.

If the user wants to create a specific graphical object he must choose the suitable drawing function from the elements submenu. By following the appropriate instruction, the system requires entry of essential specifying parameters. For drawing a straight line the user must indicate the coordinates of the two endpoints of the line. He may do that by using the keyboard or the available input device (tablet, mouse). After all specifying parameters have been entered, the system visualizes the graphical object thus created.

Certain parameters specifying the creation of graphical objects (for example, colour, linetype and details level for drawing a line) are not demanded from the user. They are provided by the system default parameters. If the user wishes to draw a line in a different colour, he can act on his own initiative modifying the corresponding default parameter. This is performed by selecting the constantly accessible "parameters" function from the control menu. Thus, the number of input data is reduced not only to creation of graphical objects but to all functions of the system, which enables the user to modify the default values of the rarely changing parameters only when necessary.

The functions of creation and inclusion of groups are combined in "groups" submenu. After the groups have been collected they can be written in an external file for later usage in another drawing.

MonoGRAF is found most efficient in creating libraries of standard graphical elements as groups which can be used to create objects for design in specific applied fields. In this case the system provides functions for choosing a standard element in a library and for including this element in the drawing at an indicated spot, indicated scale and at an indicated angle with respect to a given basic point. Therefore the process of drawing is a process of assembling predefined elements rather than just drawing lines.

MonoGRAF provides a set of commands for linear, angular, diameter and radius dimensioning. Depending on the dimensioned object and on its position with respect to the other objects, there are several types of dimensioning lines, chosen by appropriate commands or by their parameters. Special commands are available for marking the arc and circle centers.

Once created, the model can be stored in a file on disk. In order to be compatible with other draughting systems MonoGRAF supports input and output of graphical objects in the internationally accepted DXF standard.

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