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The "center" function draws a center mark or center lines for a circle or arc, as specified by the "center mark" dimensioning parameter. The center mark lines are drawn when the parameter value is 0.00.

If a number is entered in response to the:

"Select center mark"
prompt, it determines the mark segments length in centimeters.

Center dimensioning

Center dimensioning


Often leaders must be drawn from the dimension text to the object which is being dimensioned. Although the "diameter" and "radius" functions provide an automatic leader capability for simple cases, more complex cases occasionally arise.

For instance, sometimes a leader must be routed around other objects in the drawing. The "leader" function is provided to let you construct complex leaders. You can use it at any time; when dimensioning a diameter or radius, for example, if you see that a complex leader is necessary, suppress the "diameter/radius". Then issue the "leader" function.

"Leader" prompts for a
"Beginning of dimension leader line"
point, followed by
"To point"
prompt. MonoGRAF then prompts:
"Dimension text [measurement]:"
where the default is the measurement from the most recent dimension. Here again, you can use the default (press Enter key), supply explicit text, or suppress the text altogether (enter a space followed by Enter).

Leader dimensioning

Leader dimensioning

After "Text position?" prompt you have to point the position of the text with respect to the line/rectangle carried on out of the drawing frame. The point, entered in response to that prompt, does not fix the text coordinates but only defines the direction (to the left or to the right) of the horizontal line that begins from the end of the carried-on line/rectangle.

The horizontal line length and the text coordinates are computed in correspondence with requirements of the accepted standard. In case of forbidden text operation, an extension line with no text is drawn after pointing the text position. The end of the horizontal line depends on the x-coordinate of the point, entered after the "Text position?" prompt.

If the text operation is permitted, then the prompt
"Dimension text?[...]"
will be displayed.

The dimensioning text is typed in brackets, obtained as a result of executing the previous dimensioning function where the text was not forbidden. In response to the above prompt, you may press the Enter key if you confirm the proposed dimensioning text or you can enter new dimensioning text with the keyboard. After pressing the Enter key, the dimensioning text is drawn.

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