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MonoGRAF Angular dimensioning

Angular dimensioning

The "angular" function invokes angular dimensioning. Here, the dimension line is an arc spanning the angle between two non-parallel straight lines. The lines are not to be intersected in order to do angular dimensioning on them. Nothing is drawn until you answer all dimensioning prompts.

When you enter the "angular" function, MonoGRAF requests you to select two objects. Pick up the two lines you wish to dimension. They must not be parallel. MonoGRAF then prompts:

"Place of dimension arc"
You designate a point between the two lines. MonoGRAF draws an arc passing through the point you have specified. The arc is always less than 180 degrees. Extension lines are drawn automatically if the arc does not intersect the line or lines being dimensioned.

Next MonoGRAF asks for the dimension text:
"Dimension text [measured angle]:"
You can use the default text generated by MonoGRAF (by pressing Enter), or enter an explicit text.

If sufficient room is not available for the dimension text, MonoGRAF displays the message:
"Take it outside"

Angle dimensioning

Angle dimensioning

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