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MonoGRAF Diameter and radius dimensioning

Diameter dimensioning

You can invoke diameter dimensioning for arcs and circles through the "diameter" function. The first prompt is: "Select object" Point to a circle or arc. The results are very similar to "parallel" linear dimensioning, except that the dimension line runs through the center of the circle and extension lines are drawn. The point used to select the circle or arc defines one end of the diameter.

The next prompt is:

"Dimension text [measured diameter]:"
You can use default text generated by MonoGRAF (by pressing Enter), or enter explicit text. The default text begins with a "diameter" symbol. If the diameter line and text all fit inside the circle or arc, the dimension is drawn. If there is sufficient room for the diameter line and arrows, but not for the text, the text is moved outside. To determine the location for the text, MonoGRAF prompts:
"Text does not fit. Take it outside"

Radius dimensioning

Radius dimensioning is performed using the "radius" function. It is almost identical to diameter dimensioning, except that only a radius line is drawn (half of a diameter line). The radius line has only one arrow, and if the text fits inside the circle or arc, it is centered along the radius line. Rules similar to those for diameter dimensioning are used to determine whether the radius line and/or the text should be drawn outside the circle or arc. If the dimension text does not fit inside the circle/arc, a leader is drawn in the same way as with the "diameter" function.

Diameter and radius dimensioning

Diameter and radius dimensioning

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