MonoGRAF. Draughting program

MonoGRAF drawing structure


MonoGRAF supports the following types of basic drawing entities:

  • line
  • polyline
  • circle
  • circular arc
  • text
  • hatch
  • rectangle
  • polygon


Moreover, arbitrary sets of drawing entities can be collected into a "group" which, in turn, can be used in a similar way as the basic types of drawing entities. For example, certain drawing entities may symbolize a condenser, a transistor, a spring, etc. Thus the number and variety of the drawing entities, which can be drawn at a single keystroke is virtually unlimited and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.


The drawings can be organized in a theoretically unlimited number of "layers". Any number of layers can be active concurrently (displayed on the screen at the same time). Each element of the model may have graphical attributes attached to it, while to groups, symbols and layers besides graphical attributes non-graphical attributes may be attached as well. Graphical attributes include colour, linetype and details level. Non-graphical attributes include weight, material, value, etc.


Different linetypes of up to 256 colours each are available, including special linetypes with one or two arrowheads. There is no restriction on the linetype and colour that can be used within a layer to draw an entity (hence different entities can be drawn with different linetypes and colours).

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