MonoGRAF. Draughting program

MonoGRAF. Editing functions

MonoGRAF provides a set of editing functions, such as the deletion of an entire graphical object or of a part of it; modification of the points which specify them; modification of their non-graphical attributes; fillet and chamfer lines; movement of common points; group modifications of primitives; etc.

The system's capability to move and copy graphical objects enables the user to model graphical objects on top of already created ones, thus saving time for working out further drawings. For this purpose MonoGRAF provides functions for:

  • move selected drawing entities along a specified direction at a specified distance. The direction and distance are specified by two points which determine the displacement vector. It can be specified at any angle to the x-axis, but optionally you may restrict the movement only along the x or y axes;

  • rotate selected drawing entities with respect to a specified point at a specified angle;

  • scale selected drawing entities with respect to a given point by a specified scale factor;

  • transform selected drawing entities. This function is a combination of "move", "rotate" and "scale". You specify the initial position of the selected drawing entities by two points, and the final position by other two points. The relations between these two sets of points determine the displacement vector, the angle of rotation and the scale factor;

  • drag selected objects. The drag function is a very powerful combination of the "move" and "point change" functions. You select the entities to be dragged with the contour entity selection option. All entities lying entirely within the contour are moved exactly as in the "move" function. All lines and arcs, one of whose endpoints is within and the other outside the contour (i.e. intersecting the contour), are changed as with "point change". The net effect is the "dragging" of the entities to the new position, specified by the displacement vector;

  • mirror selected objects. This function lets you make mirror images of selected drawing entities (including groups). The axis (mirror line) about which the selected entities are mirrored can be at any angle with respect to the x-axis. It is specified by two points;

  • copy selected objects. This function is similar to the "move" function. The only difference is that the "copy" function does not delete the set of entities being moved;

  • rectangular array of selected objects. This function allows you to make multiple copies of a selected set of entities, either in rectangular, or linear pattern. You specify the number of copies and the area within which they should be made;

  • circular array of selected objects. This function lets you make multiple copies of a selected set of entities in a circular pattern. Optionally the copies may be rotated by the appropriate angle. You specify the center point of the circle, along which the set of entities is to be copied, the angle between the copies and the number of copies to be drawn.

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