MonoGRAF. Draughting program

MonoGRAF. Visualization and plotting

Since MonoGRAF is an interactive draughting system, your work on two-dimensional graphical objects (primitives, groups, layers) is immediately displayed on the screen. Besides, you may wish to view only a part of the drawing area (e.g. a window) or to move the window to another section of the drawing space. MonoGRAF provides functions for:

  • zoom - the zoom function lets you view selected parts of the drawing, or the whole drawing. The apparent size of the objects you are viewing increases or decreases, although their actual size remains the same. Several options are included. The default option is the window type zoom which enlarges or reduces a rectangular area, specified by two points

  • pan - by this function you can view different parts of the drawing, without changing the current zoom level. The effect is the same as moving the entire window through which you view your drawing in any selected direction at the current zoom level;

  • view - you can name and save any number of views of different drawing parts at any zoom level for later reference. The restored view of your drawing allows you to continue editing in that part of the drawing;

  • slide - the slide function is similar to "view", the major difference being that a recalled slide cannot be edited;

  • redraw - the screen is cleared and all objects pertaining to the currently active layers are redrawn;

  • plot - you can output the following objects directly on a plotter or generate a plotting file for later plotting:

            - The entire drawing
            - One or more layers of the drawing
            - A named view or the current screen contents
            - A selected set of entities

By default, the output is scaled to fit the entire available surface of the plotter, but you have the option to scale it, i.e. to specify exactly where the output is to be plotted by selecting an area on the plotter surface displayed on your screen via a rubber band rectangle.

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