New York Mobile Map


New York City mobile map

The New York City mobile map is a map application for your mobile phone. It contains maps of all NYC regions(Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island). Each map shows the streets of the corresponding region and landmarks(places of interest) such as famous buildings, churches, memorials, schools, hospitals, hotels, banks, etc.

The maps are stored in the memory of your mobile phone and can be accessed at any time, unless you decide to delete them. Once the map is installed on your mobile phone, you can use it without connecting to the mobile phone network. The application can help you find your way and navigate around unfamiliar places.

When you choose to display the map of a NYC region, the application places the cursor at a starting position. The starting position is usually the intersection of two well-known streets.

From this position, you can navigate around the city by choosing the streets and your directions as you go along. You can find out the names of the streets you cross as well as the name of the nearest landmark.

If you are looking for a specific street, you can perform a search by its name or even part of the name. The application highlights the street you are looking for and places the cursor at the beginning of it. Using this as your starting point, you can find your way to your desired destination.

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