New York Mobile Map



How can I search for a street in a city with several regions when I don't know what region it is in?

The street search is performed in the current map. If you don't know the region of the street, try searching several regions, starting with the most likely.

When I am navigating a map, how can I "jump" directly to the next intersection by avoiding the connecting streets?

Use the buttons 1, 3, 7 and 9 to specify your chosen direction. When you press these keys, the cursor will jump to the nearest intersection by avoiding the connecting streets. Note that if you choose this method, the distance travelled is calculated by air, not by the roads travelled.

How is the distance travelled calculated?

Each dot on the map has real coordinates – in feet on the city maps. As the cursor is moved around the map, the application calculates the distance between your previous position and the current position. These distances are added together and can be seen at any time by selecting the Distance function.

You can set a zero starting position by pressing the 0 key. The distance measured so far will be cleared and the application starts to measure a new distance.

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